PBMS 4 Tech Business management solutions

Sales Activities Module

PBMS enables you to design your incentive scheme to motivate your sales field force for more sales. This is handled on different levels, Salesman, time period, Item Sales, Brand Sales, Vendor Sales ….. etc.

Business Partners Module

PBMS enables you to set a deal with your business partners and supporting you to manage the contact T&C into the system and to monitor the performance through a set of reports.

Budgeting Module

Controlling your financial accounts by limiting its transactions value, Time period with an user defined budget like Sales budget, Purchases budget, Expense budget….. etc. and to follow up the performance with a set of reports.

Exceptions Flagging Module

PBMS enables user to set a group of criteria on which the flagging feature in the software will alerts you when it exists.

Online Wholesales Module

PBMS enables you to approach your customers by interactive web page where thy can order their requirements which will be visible at once.

Online Dashboard

PBMS enables managers to access their business reports from anywhere using Desktop, laptop, mobile or Tablets.

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