نظام إدارة الأعمال الإحترافي PBMS

Is PBMS suitable only for pharmacies?

However PBMS was developed to serve pharmacy retailers but it fits all business types in retail and wholesales field.

If I have more than one branch, Are they connected together in PBMS?

PBMS enables you to connect all your organization entities through different tools depend on the facilities you can afford, PBMS can connect your branches to be online or reflecting their data to each others frequently using automatic synchronization batch.

PBMS consists of lot of modules, have I buy all of them?

PBMS 4 tech provides ultimate flexibility in that, select which modules you want and pay for them only. No need to pay ,money for module you will not use it.

What about after sales services?

PBMS 4 tech supports its partners during the installation phase in terms of data handling and transferring and also provide you one year technical support for free starts from purchase invoice date.

What about the under-development modules?

According to your decision, PBMS 4 tech will keep you updated with all our new modules and as a partner you will enjoy special price for new modules.

How PBMS 4 tech will provide the technical support service?

We have a lot of ways used in conducting our services. Usually it differs according to the level of work required. Most of our support performed remotely to save your time and minimize disturbing your operation but sending one of our technical team to your site is guaranteed in case the work need this level of intervention.

What is the price of PMBS modules?

PBMS 4 tech promise to offer the best price in market but the value affected by lot of variables like number of modules required, number of licenses will be purchased….etc.

Is PBMS compatible with VAT?

PBMS is fully compatible with VAT and other regulation of “مؤسسة الزكاه و الدخل” also it supports you with all reports needed in this field.

What are the available module in the PBMS?

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Is PBMS accepts Arabic and English inputs?

PBMS is a bilingual software provides the screens in two languages (Arabic \ English). Also PBMS accepts your inputs in both languages.

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